Happy New Years from your Tech Leaders. Hopefully everything went well and everyone received a ton of goodies. This is our inaugural /T3ch_L#ad$ article, in which each month we will bring you such things as tech tips, trends in data analysis, software development news and even a little cyber. For this month, we will lead off with news on a few top analysis trends that will carry over in to the new year.

            First up, data visualization. Customers have a ton of data pouring in constantly and for them to completely understand the data to make better business decisions it is becoming more and more common to structure the data in a visual representation other than just pie charts and graphs. There are several tools and techniques to do this infographics (consumer side information display) such as the one below, give individuals a more accessible view of the amount of data flowing across the internet rather than just giving them a handful of numbers.


           For big data analytics performed by data scientists, Visual data discovery is utilized to rapidly pattern or structure data sets  in to meaningful representations even when at first glance the raw data might seem to be incomprehensible. There are numerous visualization software and frameworks that are being used today across the globe, D3.js is a great library to start your journey into data visualizations. Another example is Tableau, which the below graphic for the visualization of global earthquakes timelines was designed with:

        Data visualization will continue to grow in demand and popularity in the coming years. For more information check out this link for some of the best tools for data visualization. And if you have any questions or would like assistance in learning or implementing data visualization techniques with in you current line of work, please feel free to reach out to your tech leaders at techleads@intelligenesisllc.com.