Our Company Culture

We are growing fast by finding employees with the right attitude to fit our corporate culture.

We retain staff through meaningful work, management appreciation and fabulous benefits. Support for education, training, and conferences has virtually no cap. We offer an annual individual technology budget, profit sharing, an employee equity plan, generous paid vacation, medical, dental and vision coverage. We believe that the less employees have to worry about taking care of themselves and their families, the better they can focus on our customers.

Customer and Employee Focused
Our commitment begins with our employees and extends to our partners and customers.

Continual Learning
The better our employees are educated, the better IntelliGenesis and our customers are served.

Flexible and Agile
Our size is an advantage. We can move quickly to respond to the needs of our customers and partners.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and consistency.

Delivery Focused
We constantly strive to meet all goals, deliveries and deadlines.

Technology Driven
We supply partners and customers with proven technologies and solutions. We leverage our internal research and development efforts to increase mission success.