Our Intelligence Analysts are invaluable in the discovery, development, and dissemination of actionable intelligence and situational awareness information critical to protecting the warfighter. We go beyond traditional target/lead development and reporting activities to create an amalgamation of all-source intelligence. This broad view of our adversary’s capabilities is achieved by maintaining cognizance of their common operating procedures, anticipating their movements based on the technological and political climate, and exploiting vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. Our Analysts are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in analytic tradecraft within and spanning several intelligence disciplines including Human, Geospatial, Open-Source, Signals, Technical, Digital Network, and Financial. We work in-step with several Agencies and Military Branches to leverage the collective understanding (past, present, and future) of our adversaries to support our fielded forces in real time.

Our personnel are experts in the entire analytic lifecycle from a Combatant Command’s (COCOMs) Request for Information (RFI) down range to the resulting strategic action. We work collaboratively within our current Customers’ mission area product lines and in full coordination with other Agency partners as Mentors and Instructors (certified by the National Cryptologic School (NCS)) to teach analysis Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) on their behalf. This approach to providing comprehensive, high-quality, intelligence analysis services has allowed IntelliGenesis to:

  • Lead the charge in providing our Government customers in-depth and cross-domain services in tradecraft discovery, analytic development, and mentoring throughout the IC

  • Broaden the perspectives of mission personnel (of all experience levels) with respect to the application and use of the countless Enterprise and IC systems and tools available

  • Unify intelligence efforts through shared problem solving, and coordinated efforts researching and tracking actors, agents, and capabilities of interest

  • Assist varying DoD and IC customers in solving the hardest problems in modern SIGINT and all-source analysis in response to real-world events

  • Support the warfighter directly as both a consistent producer of situational awareness in real-time and as a readily accessible resource deployed alongside them