Our Software Engineers are Machine Learning/Data Scientists specialized in creating innovation through advanced analytic development to increase the speed and precision at which our customers produce and disseminate intelligence. We possess over ten (10) years of experience managing and developing mission critical analytics for our Government customers, developing Government Off The Shelf (GOTS) applications that extend the capabilities of existing Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS), integrating with other Government systems, and accommodating multiple data sources from multiple customers. IntelliGenesis-developed analytics facilitate complex query and in-depth analysis of data of interest widely used by the Enterprise, supported Field Sites, 2nd Party Partners, and the wider IC for multiple data domains.

We are experts in the design, development, and sustainment of mission critical systems using an Agile, Scrum based, methodology deeply rooted in Configuration Management (CM) best practices. This ensures that the services and tools provided improve speed, precision, and performance; are fully traceable to requirements received from our wide customer base; and are secure—developed using consistent, well tested industry and Government best practices. We are Government trusted partners selected to pilot and implement Enterprise practices, managing the first project to implement NSAWay and the first project to migrate to GovCloud. As Engineers possessing a full understanding of mission, IntelliGenesis evolves analytics in the following key ways:

  • Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in both Internal Research and Development (IRAD) and on contract to automate processes and improve efficiency and efficacy in operational environments

  • Modernize the discovery, reporting, and dissemination of intelligence, fusing the expertise of our Intelligence Analysts with our high-end Engineers to develop mission accurate solutions

  • Generate scalable real-time platforms that analyze all-source intelligence and the dark web to enhance situational awareness

  • Engineer solutions that enhance strategy and force protection by increasing our awareness of geolocations, temporal constructs, topics, trends, and sentiment within multi-lingual conversations across very large data sets