We provide intelligence analysis, software development, artificial intelligence, and computer network operations that result in higher efficiency, automation, and improved analysis, protection, and defense of National Security missions.

Intelligence Analysis

  • Analysts directly support the cryptologic posture of the warfighter
  • Support cyber infrastructure and vulnerability analysis with non-kinetic solutions in a Digital Network environment
  • Geospatial targeting and mapping support
  • SIGINT Research & Target Development
  • GSM Collection Analysis
  • All Source & All Source SIGINT

Software Engineering and Integration

We provide full life-cycle software development capabilities from test driven development to agile methodologies

  • Cloud Development (Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS, Accumulo, Pig, Hive, Mahout)
  • Software Development (Java, C++, C, Python, Ruby, Scala)
  • Artificial Intelligence Development (HMM, Genetic Algorithms, Expert Systems, NLP, Machine Learning)
  • Database Development (Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL)

Artificial Intelligence

We apply Artificial Intelligence techniques (AI) in both IR&D and contract programs to automate new and existing manual processes in operational environments

  • Expert Systems – Simulate human decision process
  • Natural Language Processing – Extract meaning from text
  • Evolutionary Algorithms – Optimization of complex systems through evolution
  • Unstructured text classification and extraction


We perform Computer Network Operations (CNO) comprising of Computer Network Attack (CNA), Computer Network Defense (CND), and related Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) enabling operations.