IntelliGenesis understands that our nation’s ability to protect its fielded forces and combat the threats we face is deeply rooted in intelligence tradecraft. Through our experience supporting multiple data domains and DoD and IC customer missions, we understand that intelligence tradecraft is more than cross-agency sharing of analytic tools and products. We have found that the key to unifying intelligence in collaboration with our DoD and IC partners, is to bolster IC IT Enterprise (ICITE) efforts like GovCloud by educating the Analyst workforce in the new mission webspace.

Our Engineers continuously provide and sustain new advanced analytic capabilities available through GovCloud. Additionally, we supported the first project that migrated to GovCloud and, as a result, assisted in the development and troubleshooting of its architecture. Our Analysts are SMEs in critical data domains and understand, first-hand, missions across multiple customer groups and agencies. As NCS Certified Instructors, our SMEs regularly teach, mentor, and develop training aides for military, civilian, and contractor personnel (regardless of Agency or affiliation) in the analytic skills required to effectively use available tools to correlate findings across data and product repositories and glean insight into our adversaries and their operations. We improve the dissemination of tradecraft tools and techniques and support pervasive sharing through the analytic community as we:

  • Continue to provide and support machine learning advanced analytics through GovCloud, regularly working with multiple customers and Agencies to identify additional features

  • Serve as SMEs in the infrastructure and capabilities of GovCloud, helping the developer and analytic community understand the way it operates and how to get the most of the resources it provides

  • Apply our insight of the new mission webspace and educate the modern-day Analyst in effective analytical strategies and critical thinking techniques

  • Mentor the Analyst in more than query syntax and general use, fusing the capabilities and data across analytic tools to disseminate more valuable intelligence